Treasury & Cash Management Services

    We strive to exceed your expectations with our treasury and cash management services.

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    "I think the Superior difference is that we deliver. If you ask us to do a job, we won’t take it on unless we can deliver with 100% satisfaction."


    Are you a bank?

    Prioritize client experience by  streamlining processes and improving efficiencies with our treasury and cash management solutions for banks. 

    We help you deliver exceptional customer service and build long-term, trusted relationships with your clients by providing the treasury services, products and supplies that help you focus on your clients' needs. We take on the program operations, so you don’t have to.


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    Are you a business?

    Manage, secure, and protect your business revenues by using Superior for your banking supplies and hardware provider. 

    We partner with banks to ensure we provide you the highest quality products and services. From reliable and secure business check printing services that are compatible with any account software to deposit slips, cash vault products, check scanners and smart safes, we can help control ordering and costs, reduce procurement steps and save you time.

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    Discover our treasury and cash management services for banks


    Technical Assistance Center

    Our team of specialists manage the entire customer experience process on your behalf to deliver impeccable service and ensure a smooth transition for your clients during a system change or upgrade. Our outreach is customizable and personalized to make sure your client's specific needs have positive outcomes.  

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    Remote Deposit Capture

    We are experts in remote deposit capture fulfillment and deployment services for commercial banks and their business clients. We identify what time is being spent on non-banking related tasks such as reconciling month-end billing and provide insights on how to improve program efficiencies, so you can focus on other items and leave being the scanner experts up to Superior.

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    Mergers & Acquisitions

    If your bank is merging with another bank, we can handle your software consolidation process and deliver an outstanding customer experience to your commercial clients ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved. From outbound call support by industry specialists to post merger client support, we guarantee you and your clients receive excellent customer service.

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    Discover our treasury & cash management services for businesses

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    Customized Checks

    We are specialists in custom business check printing and treasury supplies. Select from a variety of treasury products. 

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    Smart safe and recycler

    Smart Safes and Recyclers

    Deposit money in your store safe and have it appear in your bank account without the need for a trip to the bank. 

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    Check Scanners-1

    Check Scanners

    We supply check scanners for remote deposit capture with same day SLAs to eliminate the hassle related to purchasing check scanners.

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    Cash Counter-1

    Cash Counters

    Speed up counting cash with automated cash counting machines that sort bills and coins with reduced human error.

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