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    A Father's Dream Come to Life

    In 1995, an opportunity presented itself to Robert Traut to invest in a small, struggling check printer based in Los Angeles. As president of a nationwide Chicago-headquartered company at the time, Bob decided to leave the Windy City and return home to fulfill a lifelong dream of running a family business working side by side with his four sons - no daughters if that's your next question.


    Born Out of the Great Depression

    Born out of the Great Depression in 1931, Superior had always maintained a strong client service reputation within the banking industry but needed new leadership and a new strategic direction. Robert’s big vision for his new venture? Create long lasting banking relationships built on trust, personal service, and be completely unique in the marketplace, delivering treasury products for a bank’s highest valued business clients.


    Joining Forces

    Along the journey, Robert’s four sons, (from left to right) Jason, Kevin, Mike and Steve, all joined Superior well after college and working for other organizations developing new perspectives from various roles and industries. Two of the boys successfully ran their own companies before joining Superior. Each son holds a leadership role, and is active in daily operations and managing their teams. What was once Robert’s dream, has become a reality for father and sons -  ultimately bringing them closer as a family. This family closeness and trust creates an environment where new dreams are born across all Superior employees. Those dreams speak of steady growth, advancements in technology, a focus on enhancing the customer experience, and always a readiness to change as the banking industry evolves.  

    Our Evolution Tracks a Century of Innovation

    • 1931 - Superior Press is founded, rapidly developing a strong reputation for client service that lives up to its name: Superior.
    • 1995 - Bob Traut invests in the small check printer to begin the dream of working alongside his four sons who will earn their roles in the business over time. With Bob’s guidance, Superior Press becomes a one-stop-shop for multiple treasury products to banks’ largest and most important business clients.
    • 1999 - Superior Press’s “One-Stop-Shop Treasury Supply Desk” was born. This solution allows banks to consolidate supply vendors, leverage outsourced resources for supply fulfillment across multiple cash management products and improve new commercial client onboarding.
    • 2005 - Superior Press adapts to service a new solution supporting Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), becoming a nationwide partner to banks for scanner fulfillment, maintenance, warranty solutions, and tech support.
    • 2015 - Superior Press launches ‘Remote Cash Capture,’ solving service gaps in the CIT model and the product needs of a bank supported solution.
    • 2020 - Superior Press launches 'Technical Assistance Center (TAC)' during a time of unparalleled changes. TAC guides the bank’s clients through the change management process of technology transitions. Launching at the early stages of the pandemic enabled Superior Press to focus on digital customer experience beyond the traditional inbound phone call.
    • 2022 - Superior Press rebrands to Superior, an organization with a reputation in the banking industry for excellence in customer experience and service, efficient product delivery, and a team who listens to its clients to help solve banks’ most pressing commercial product challenges.
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