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    BioCred by Panini

    BioCred delivers security, convenience, and privacy via its unique and patented fingerprint-based biometric authentication system, as well as supporting several other important in-presence applications such as ID document verification and electronic signature.

    Biometric authentication is a way to improve customer service and fight identity fraud. The resulting credential is delivered to the customer in two forms: a QR code and an NFC token; the Institution does not keep a copy, which is good news for both parties.

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    BioCred is designed to enable a variety of customer-facing applications with maximum usability and ergonomics while letting the Institution retain control over the settings and the outcome of each operation.

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    Features and Benefits

      FBI-certified fingerprint-based customer authentication with offline matching

    •  No privacy concerns because the customer keeps their credential

    •  Compatible with alternative authentication methods

    •  Professional ID card scanning as part of identity verification/KYC

    •  Touch display usable for e-signature and to allow user choices

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