Smart Safe and Recycler Cash Management Services

    Strengthen client relations with our no-risk smart safe referral program for banks.

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    Secure, manage and optimize your retail clients daily cash flow with our smart safe referral program


    Provide your retail clients entry into the smart safe market without any of the obligation, time, resources and investment required by the current CIT (cash-in-transit) model. Banks benefit from:

    • Immediate access to nationwide cash vault network   
    • Safe lifecycle support
    • Zero cost to banks
    • No cash inventories or risk that goes with it
    • Purchase and lease options available

    No Contract Required

    Our fully managed smart safe program lets banks deploy smart safe solutions directly to their commercial clients. We manage the smart safe referral program eliminating time-consuming and complicated vendor due diligence processes. Smart safes offer unrivaled flexibility to your banking business model enabling you to acquire customers from beyond your branch footprint.

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    Easy Client Implementation

    Our smart safe referral program is deployed and managed by us ensuring an excellent experience for your clients. We will manage the on-boarding process, saving you time and the associated implementation costs.

    Stand Out From Your Competitors

    You can differentiate yourself from your competitors with a smart safe referral program. Banks who transition from the traditional CIT model to a no-risk smart safe referral program will enjoy: 

    • Enhanced customer service experience for their clients
    • Treasury fee and deposit growth
    • Market differentiation
    • Improved client relations and retention
    • Bank no longer getting caught in the middle of CIT escalations

    Case Study: 1st Source Bank

    Headquartered in South Bend, IN: $5.7 Billion in assets

    Opportunity: Large cash client wanted to be on a smart safe cash management program in 2 months

    Solution: Superior’s smart safe express model with a manual posting process

    Result: A successful bank implementation within 2 months and now  a happy client with multiple smart safes. The bank has since upgraded from the express model to a fully integrated smart safe program to scale for more smart safe clients.

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    Capture more of your lending clients’ deposits with our smart safe referral program.

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