Customized checks & cash management products

    Customized Checks & Cash Management Products

    We specialize in custom business check printing and treasury supplies keeping you ahead of fraud and spreading your brand

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    Check Security

    Fraud Protection

    Since 1995 we have been supplying banks and businesses with the industry’s more secure and up-to-date laser checks available. Our high security checks offer you protection against check fraud.

    We offer the following check security features:

    Standard Security Features
    • Security warning bar
    • Toner grip
    • Chemical alteration paper features
    • Background patterns difficult to duplicate
    • Micro printing
    Enhanced Security Features
    • Void pantograph
    • Security screen
    High Security Features
    • Thermochromic ink button
    • 3 dimensional metallic hologram
    • Chemical stain
    • UV filter

    Branded custom checks

    Branded Custom Checks

    Personalize checks with a business’ logo printed onto every check. Your brand will have a touch point across your financial operations and reinforce who you are. You can also choose from a selection of colors.

    Types of Customized Treasury Products

    Whatever your business needs, our checks, deposit slips, and endorsement stamps will deliver. We have the following checks available:

    • Laser checks
    • Three-on-a-page checks
    • Pocket Traveller checks
    • Voucher checks
    • Personal checks
    • Deposit slips (bound, loose, duplicate, triplicate)
    • Endorsement stamps
    • Signatures stamps
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    Check & Cash Management Supplies

    You can select a variety of treasury supplies to make sure your needs are met.

    • Deposit bags
    • Speciality stamps
    • Cash vault supplies – coin wraps, cash straps, deposit bags, check, cash and coin bags
    • Envelopes
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    Works with Most Accounting Software

    Our checks work with most accounting software, including: 

    • QuickBooks
    • Peachtree 
    • Accpac Accounts Payable
    • MAS 90
    • Solomon Software
    • YARDI
    • Great Plains
    • Timberline - Accounts Payable
    • SMS (14-inch legal size checks)
    • FPS (14-inch legal size checks)

    Quality Assurance Guaranteed

    Nearly a century of custom business check printing and bank supply expertise

    We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill nearly all standard and custom check orders whatever the format or style. Each order goes through a 5 Point quality assurance and proofing process to ensure accuracy and delight in each order.

    Our state-of-the-art digital printing facility enables us to consolidate product requests into single orders and sometimes into single boxes when product selection allows. This results in reducing your need to track bundles of packages coming from multiple companies, multiple facilities, multiple carriers with different tracking notifications. 

    We are your one-stop business check printing and treasury supplies shop for checks, deposit slips, endorsement stamps, plastic deposit bags, cash vault supplies, and MICR documents.

    We guarantee successful project completion and only take on projects we are 100% certain we can fulfill.



    Check printing is how we started. We’ve been working with checks for almost 100 years - that’s nearly a century of supplying our commercial bank clients with the printed checks and treasury supplies they need.

    Check and Cash Management Supplies

    Deposit Slips

    Deposit Slips



    Deposit Bags-1

    Deposit Bags

    Endorsement Stamps-1

    Endorsement Stamps

    Bag With Lock-1

    Bag with Lock

    Coin Bag With Labels

    Coin Bag with Labels

    Cash Straps-2

    Cash Straps

    Coin Wraps-1

    Coin Wraps

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    As we switched software systems, we once again had to coordinate the new design and branding of our escrow checks. Superior handled the transition smoothly and the new checks were delivered on time as they committed.”

    City National Bank Customer