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    Cash Counters

    Increase your profitability with cash counters - part of our cash management solutions 

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    Boost Your Team's Productivity

    Utilize staff time better by removing the burden of manually counting cash. You can boost your staff’s productivity and allow them to focus on their roles. They can help more customers, sell more products, and accurately report counted cash. End of day balancing is sped up, saving time and labor. You can rest easy knowing your cash is accurately counted.


    Reduce Money Counting Errors

    Humans and faulty machines make mistakes – this can be costly and time consuming when it comes to your bottom line. Our cash counters correctly sort bill types, detect counterfeit bills, and accurately count cash and coins.  


    Discriminate Currency Quickly

    Don’t just fan cash through the money counting machine – make sure your cash is sorted when you put it in your smart safe or take it to the bank. Machines easily group your bills into the right denominations. A $10 note goes into the $10 pile!

    Currency Discriminator

    How It Works

    1. Choose the right type of cash management solution for your business.
    2. Count your cash and determine the right size of hopper, counter capacity, and counting speed for your workflow.
    3. Choose the right cash counting machine for particulars!

    Check out our range of cash counting machines

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    Talk to a specialist to learn more about cash handling equipment

    Select the right machine for your bank or business clients.


    Cash counters

    Currency discriminators

    Ideal device

    Counts currency quickly and accurately

    All models

     Reduces the number of times cash is handled


    S-2200, S-2500

    Reduces losses by catching counterfeit bills

    S-2200, S-2500

    Speeds up end of day balancing

    All models

    Sorts and rearranges currency into different stacks based on denomination so you can band and label them quickly



    Detects double note, chain note and half note errors


    S-2200, S-2500

    Detects double note, chain note and half note errors


    S-2200, S-2500

    Verify your drawers all contain same denominations with discriminator functionality, allowing you to read the first note and identify all others as similar denomination


    S-2200, S-2500

    Capability to integrate into receipt printers and POS workstations for keyless reporting and accounting


    S-2200, S-2500

    Cash Counting Devices That Fit Your Business Workflow


    Semacon Model S-2200

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    Cash Counter S2500

    Semacon Model S-2500

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    Semacon Model S-1000

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    Semacon Model S-1200

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    Semacon Model S-1600

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