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    Manage and protect your cash flow with smart safes

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    Benefits of Smart Safes for Retail Businesses

    • Improved customer service - smart safes handle many tasks of an employee allowing your staff more time to spend with your customers
    • Increased efficiency with improved inventory, vendor and cashier management
    • Reduced internal cash losses due to employee error
    • No more discrepancies in cash counting
    • More time - employees no longer need to make regular trips to the bank

    What Makes a Smart Safe ‘Smart’?

    Smart Safe Deposits

    Smart Safe Receipt

    Smart Safes with 1st Source Bank

    Smart Safe User Interface

    User Interface

    The user interface (UI) allows you to take care of common cash-related activities accurately.

    Depending on the product you buy, remote tracking allows you to generate:

    • User statistics
    • Visualizations of cash flow
    • Recorded history of event logs
    • Pick up schedules
    Smart Safe Bill Validator

    Bill Validator

    The bill validator is the lifeline of this modern product.

    It performs vital tasks including:

    • Validating the legitimacy of inserted bills and accepting cash rapidly.
    • Once validated, the bills are then moved to cassettes for secure storage.
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    The controller consists of the electronics that connect the user interface and the validator.

    It’s critical for:

    • Data protection
    • Integrity of cash processed
    • Usernames and passwords

    Six reasons why smart safes are a must-have for retail businesses


    1. Security

    Smart safes hold internal employees accountable to cash engagement:

    • 5% of annual revenue is typically lost to employee theft
    • Internal theft is a bigger issue than customers shoplifting
    • 1 in 3 businesses fail as a direct result of internal theft

    2. External Theft

    Smart safes reduce the risk of robberies:

    • Pry-resistant doors
    • Anti-lock drilling features
    • 'No employee access' deters  burglars
    • High security locks and keys
    • Locking bolt for reinforcement
    • Tamper siren connected to store security

    3. Counterfeit Detection

    Smart safes offer very sophisticated bill verification systems:

    • Trusted by banks and armored cars to validate systems
    • Much better protection than UV lights or counterfeit pens
    • Use near point-of-sales to help validate notes immediately after being received

    4. Store Operations

    Smart safes provide owners with data:

    • Web portal tools to view real-time cash status on phone, computer, etc
    • Cash deposited into a smart safe will be provisionally credited into your bank account
    • Shift the relationship you have today with your CiT and revolutionize your cash management procedures with a smart safe

    5. Managerial Time

    Increase efficiency and save time:

    • Managers spend less time verifying the money count and closing out registers
    • More time for managers to spend running the store
    • Smart safes electronically maintain a perfect count of cash deposited
    • High speed bill validators make end of day closeouts very simple

    6. Real-Time Visibility

    Employees no longer need to deposit cash in the bank. You get a data breakdown on your cashiers, shifts and even transaction types. 

    Advanced Safe Technology Options

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    Smart Safes

    Smart safes streamline the cash management process and are a vital part of a remote cash capture operation.

    Cash Recycler

    Cash Recycler

    Cash recyclers automate the process of accepting and dispensing cash. A cash recycler also stores cash securely, while keeping an accurate account of cash on hand.

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