Grow your deposits without building more branches

    Understand how outsourcing remote deposit capture can streamline processes, improve efficiencies, reduce pain points and create new revenue channels

    The Essential Guide to Outsourcing RDC Fulfillment

    Outsourcing RDC delivers greater efficiencies to your bank and widens your client territory by helping:

    • Accelerate clearing times and improve availability to make deposits earlier in the day
    • Improve cash flow as your financial institution has more time to process the checks
    • Reduce return item risk and improve collection rates
    • Minimize transportation and manual processing costs
    • Save time and improve accuracy with digital reporting and archiving

    This guide will:

    • Explain remote deposit capture and its importance in the banking industry
    • Detail the advantages of remote deposit capture and the benefits it can bring to your bank
    • Provide a detailed checklist of the questions to consider when deciding in-house versus outsourcing RDC fulfillment 
    • Outline the key services to review when evaluating RDC vendors


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