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    We are still the same business but we believe a simpler, more succinct evolution of our name and logo better reflects the company we have become today.  

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    We’ve changed our company name

    Why we’ve switched to Superior 

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    Embracing digital solutions

    As we approach our 100-year anniversary of innovation within the banking industry, we felt it was time to show off our wide range of expertise. The best way to do this? Our brand. Over time our business direction has shifted as banks' needs have changed. Technology has transformed the financial sector, and we have seen a decline in checks as popularity in electronic payments has soared.  

    Client needs aren’t the same as they were fifty, twenty or even five years ago and we have remained at the forefront of the evolving customer service model. Our priority has always been to keep excellence in customer service at our core. 

    We remain the treasury print and hardware fulfillment experts you expect. We also provide state of the art customer experience for your clients during conversions, system migrations and upgrades.   

    As customer experience specialists, we are now able to offer banks and businesses a wide range of treasury and cash management solutions.  


    The rebrand

    Our new name

    We’ve shortened our name from Superior Press to Superior to reflect our ever-broadening expertise. No longer are we purely print and hardware fulfillment experts – we’re customer service experts offering state-of-the-art technology solutions.

    Old name- Superior

    Old Name

    New name- Superior

    New name

    The rebrand

    Our new logo

    Our new logo is a colorful circle with an embedded arrow to convey a sense of cohesion. The color palette is bold, modern, and most importantly fun!

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    Old logo

    Superior logo new

    New logo

    Business as usual

    Printing and hardware distribution for banks and businesses remains at our core.  

    We are still the check printing and treasury supply company you know and trust. Your day-to-day contacts at Superior remain the same, and you will continue to receive the same Superior service that we pride ourselves on.  

    Superior for banks

    Superior for business


    Is any of your contact information changing, such as email, phone numbers, and address.

    No, all contact information remains the same.

    Is your website address changing?

    No, we are keeping our website address for the time being.

    What is your legal name?

    Our legal name is still Superior Printing, Inc, DBA Superior or Superior Press.

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