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    Frequently asked questions

    What benefits and perks does the company offer, and how can I access them?


    You can view benefits by clicking here. This is also located in the public drive under Employee Health Benefits and 401K.

    How may PTO days do I receive every year?


    Please refer to the Superior PTO Policy for guidance on time off entitlements and procedures by clicking here.

    How can I review the employee handbook?


    The employee handbook can easily be accessed through the following channels:

    • Public Drive: You can find the employee handbook in the Public Drive.
    • Teams: You can locate it under "General" in the Superior Staff Files on Teams.

    What is the procedure for reporting a safety concern in the workplace?


    Safety Procedure for Employees

    • Identify Safety Concern: If you notice any safety issue at work, such as hazards or accidents waiting to happen, take note immediately.
    • Notify Supervisor: Inform your supervisor right away about the safety concern.
    • Contact Frank Marquez/Lexi: Reach out to Frank or Lexi, the designated safety contacts, for further assistance if needed.
    • Document Incident: Keep a brief record of what you observed and the actions you took.
    • Prioritize Safety: Always prioritize safety for yourself and your colleagues.
    • Remember, quick action can prevent accidents and maintain a safe workplace.

    Are there resources available for employee development and training?

    We have available resources for professional development, training programs, and any related support please reach out to your manager/supervisor and via email to get further information.

    How do I update my personal information in the HR system?

    Please use the following Portal to login and change all personal information Paychex Oasis (

    How can I access my payroll information and tax documents?

    For access to pay stubs, tax information, W2 forms, and related documents, kindly utilize the Paychex platform or contact Sheri Sanchez via email

    What is the process for requesting time off?

    To formally request time off, kindly complete the Time Off Request Form and submit it to your manager with a minimum of 30 days' notice. Your manager will then assess the request and grant approval as appropriate. Upon approval, it is imperative that you update the Paid Time Off (PTO) calendar located within the designated Teams folder.